By faith the walls of Jericho fell… Hebrews 11:30

Jericho has been serving boys trapped in substance abuse since 2004. Our program uses an evidence-based curriculum and an adventure-based approach to present young men with an alternate way of life to drug use and drug culture. Using the 12 Steps and a Christian based Celebrate Recovery boys not only begin planning to live drug-free, but also learn to speak the language of men – adventure. Each week, depending on their level in our program, boys experience an on- campus adventure, a community service adventure or an extreme adventure. Three times a year, boys are able to experience Band of Brothers, an off- campus camp where boys are taught what it means to step into manhood, live responsibly and live authentically. Our staff are fully trained to keep residents safe, offer quality substance abuse treatment and help foster a boy’s relationship to the God who made him. Each boy has access to the following:

  • 5 Licensed Therapists
  • On-Site Psychiatrist
  • Accredited On-Campus School (George Thomas Jr. Academy)
  • On-Site Medical Personnel
  • Daily Therapeutic Group
  • Ropes Course and Adventure-Based Learning
  • Vocational Learning
  • Celebrate Recovery
  •  Joint Commission Accredited 
  • Partnership with the Star Center in Music and Art Therapy

Jericho sits on 250 acres in south Madison County with a 30-acre lake, full size gymnasium and a challenging ropes course.